Shirts and more shirts

Jalie 2111 size 12

Jalie 2111 size 12 in fabric woven so that both sides are coloured differently

Kwiksew 2973 size 4

I sew a lot for my boys – mostly shirts. I am still on the lookout for a good boy shirt pattern in the teenage sizes . I used Jalie 2111 a lot but now find it quite tedious to alter the pattern to get a good fit ( the pattern is a VERY loose style). I now have Kwiksew 2973( sizes 4-7) for my younger son and Kwiksew 2000 for my husband – both a very good fit. The boy pattern is available in short and long-sleeved versions, while the man’s shirt is actually a overshirt with long sleeves, but works well as a regular shirt with shortened sleeves.