My Japanese sewing, and MMMay ’16 that wasn’t.

It is not easy to come by good paper patterns in India, mainly because so few people seem to sew for a hobby. Many seem to prefer gardening, embroidery, crochet, knitting and painting instead. So when I discovered that I could buy Japanese pattern books online, at least the few that have been translated into English, I enthusiastically bought five of them ! I don’t regret doing it, though- I have sewed at least two patterns each from all the books in the past two years, and plan to sew many more. My favourite remains Sew Chic Kids, perhaps because I have a boy and a girl under eight, and the book has patterns for both upto the age of 10.


My latest acquisition is Linen Cotton Wool Kids. I actually bought the book for the crossover back top , which I sewed up some weeks ago in a size 2 . I used a lace overlay for the front, bias binding for neck and armholes, and a button and loop closure for the back. Here she is wearing the top with a tiered skirt from Sew Chic Kids in size 2 again, posing next to her friend and confidante from the neighbourhood. What I also love about this picture ( besides it being a beautiful childhood memory ) is that her little friend is also wearing a handmade dress. Her mother was inspired by my daughter’s handmade wardrobe to start sewing for her child. That makes me very happy indeed.

P.S. The original photo does have her face in it : I had to crop it here to maintain privacy)



I signed up for Me Made May , and didn’t do any documenting of handmades being worn. I now realise I sew much less for myself than I used to , and am not quite unselfconscious enough to document it on my blog. I started reading some wonderful blogs as a result of following the MMMay ’16 Pinterest board , however. One of them was Mom Das’ blog. A lady with an amazing sense of style and exuberant talent. I marvelled at her handmade outfits chronicled daily on her blog and Pinterest during the month of May. Maybe by next May I will have sewn more for myself and worked up the courage to post photos too!


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