Pattern review – New Look 6767 – toddler dresses

There are apparently two different patterns in circulation by this description, the one I use has sizes 6mo to 4 years while the other is sized  XS to L . Both are baby and toddler dresses with a basic bodice ; my pattern is sleeveless while the  other one ( which I do not possess) has sleeves and a sash. Both appear to be out of print now.

Anyway, the sleeveless New Look 6767 is my all-time favorite pattern for little girl dresses. It has a round-necked bodice, a gathered skirt of basic rectangles, a back zip opening  and cute pockets. There is also an accompanying bloomer pattern. The look can be varied by adding shoulder bows and a scallop at the waist. It comes in 5 sizes in one envelope, 6months to 4 years.

The great thing about this pattern is that it is a good fit and can be used to make lots of variations on the basic bodice dress. I have used it with back buttons instead of a zip, shortened the bodice to make a smocked front dress, created a wrap back from the basic bodice , and have plans to make a dress with a circular skirt .  The only regret I have is that this pattern does not have sleeves. A point to note is that if the dress is made adhering strictly to the pattern, the skirt is really long , almost  calf length, which is not really evident in the envelope illustration.  I always shorten the skirt pieces when using this pattern.


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